Thursday, November 17, 2011

Android Apps

Quick Volume Settings gives you Fast Access to Volume Profiles

Price: $0.99
Quick Volume Settings. Just put the app icon in your dock or home screen, and tap it to change ALL Volume Settings in one place. The settings include: Ringer mode (Normal/Vibrate/Silent), Ringer volume, Notification volume, System volume, Alarm volum... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.3

MindSoft Cache Cleaner Clears Cache & Browser History Aiming to Speed up Your Droid

Price: Free, ~$1.20
Mindsoft Cache Cleaner. Are you running out of application storage? 1-Tap to recover memory cleaning all cache and search histories. You now can get more available storage space by clearing apps created cache/data files, search history records and Br... Read Android App Review Rating: 3.0

Do Not Disturb makes it Easy to Silence the Phone on Demand

Price: Free, $1.00 (Paid Version in Amazon Only)
Do Not Disturb is designed for busy people, who do not want to be distracted during a meeting. Now it suffices to turn the phone face down to make it silent. Shaking the phone during the call, the program turns off the sound of the call. The program ... Read Android App Review Rating: 3.5

Jimi Guitar. A Rockin’ Guitar Simulator App for Android!

Price: Free, ($3.00 with AndroidTapp Store), $3.99
Jimi Guitar is guitar simulator for Android. The app comes with a variety of modes and guitar types to play in addition to chord settings, free play, pre-set songs with lyrics and even a guitar tuner function. While it's not going to replace an actua... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.5

Livio Car Internet Radio. Stream Music, Internet Radio and Calls via Bluetooth!

Price: Free, $4.99
Livio Car Internet Radio is a cool Internet radio station app to listen, browse and search potentially thousands of free stations. It's smartly integrated with Bluetooth devices; even sweeter when paired to Livio's own home and car aftermarket Blueto... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.2

Scripts Expert for Writing, Editing and Viewing Scripts on the Go!

Price: $2.99
Scripts Expert is a cool app for writing, editing and viewing scripts on the go. Perhaps an ideal tool for writers, screen writers, playwrights and anyone involved in stage production and theatre. The app lets you create new scripts, add new characte... Read Android App Review Rating: 3.9

Lockscreen Calendar is a Great Way to Keep an Eye on Upcoming Events

Price: Free
Lockscreen Calendar. See your upcoming calendar events directly on the lockscreen! Works on every lockscreen, that normally displays the next upcoming alarm. Price: Free... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.5

SketchBook Express is the Perfect App for Artists on the Go

Price: Free, $1.99 Pro Mobile Version, $4.99 Pro Tablet Version
SketchBook Express. Autodesk SketchBook Express for Android is a fun and intuitive drawing application, optimized for use on Honeycomb tablet devices. Get a taste of the professional-grade paint and drawing tools available in the award winning Sketch... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.2

Darts 3D. Highly Addictive with Thriving Online Multi-player Gaming!

Price: Free, $1.99
Darts 3D is a fun darts game that packs high levels of addiction, cool gameplay and 3D graphics into a brilliant little game. Play against either the CPU, a friend or even online competitors in a challenging and competitive darts game. Easy to play, ... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.4

LHSee an Incredibly Geeky-yet-fascinating App to Learn About Particle Collisions & Physics Experiments

Price: Free
LHSee is an incredibly geeky-yet-fascinating app that lets you view and learn about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva. For the completely uninitiated, the LHC is the world's largest particle accelerator that engages various physics experiment... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.4

Cardmobili, a Smart Way to Manage Your Loyalty and Reward Cards

Price: Free
Cardmobili is a virtual wallet for your reward and loyalty cards, letting you keep all your cards in one place on your Android. The app lets you create various reward cards from a large catalogue, as well as presenting you with different rewards, cou... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.1

Kaptilo is a Sweet Yet Seductive Logic Puzzle Game

Price: Free, $1.00
Kaptilo is a curious puzzle game with smart graphics, immersive and challenging gameplay and great sound. The aim of the game game is to help robot Kaptilo escape a series of rooms- ensuring he turns out all the lights first. In a nutshell this means... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.4

DroidAlone – Missed Calls. Access Your Missed Calls and Text Messages by Email

Price: $3.59
DroidAlone - Missed Calls is one of those unique apps which you might truly call a life-saver. The simple premise is that, if you leave your phone at home, you can remotely access missed calls and SMS messages from wherever you are. It's straightforw... Read Android App Review Rating: 4.5
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